HUAWEI  G6600, G6603, G6608, T1600, T2211, T2251, T2281,  HB4H1 Battery

HUAWEI HB4H1 Compatible Battery

Replaces Battery Type:


Also Replaces Battery Type (Where Applicable):

Compatible with the Following Models:
HUAWEI G6600, G6603, G6608, T1600, T2211, T2251, T2281,

Battery Spec:
Li-ion 3.7v 1000mAh

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Please Note: The Specification of replacement Mobile Phone Batteries will often vary slightly from the original battery. The voltage of our replacement batteries may be 0.1v higher or lower than the original, (eg. 3.7v instead of 3.6v or visa versa).

This does not affect the performance of the battery or the phone and it is perfectly normal to have such a variation in spec.

The mAh or capacity of the battery may also vary widely and again may be higher or lower then the original. If for instance the original battery is 700mAh our replacement may be 800mAh and this again is perfectly suitable.

A higher mAh = longer battery life.