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Many digital camera batteries are compatible with cameras from several manufacturers. It is not unusual for one type of battery to have as many as ten or more different part numbers, don't be put off by this, camera manufacturers usually re-brand the battery with their own part number. We try to list all known reference codes and part numbers for digital camera batteries but as this is constantly changing we inevitably miss some, if you can't find yours it doesn't necessarily mean we don't have the correct battery, contact us an we'll try to track it down.

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Samsung  BP85a, EA-BP85a, EA-BP85a/E Battery

Replacement Samsung BP85a, EA-BP85a, EA-BP85a/E Digital Camera Battery

Replaces Battery Type:

Samsung BP85a, EA-BP85a, EA-BP85a/E

Also Replaces Battery Type (Where Applicable):

Battery Spec:
Li-ion 3.7v 850mAh

Compatible with the Following Models:

Samsung PL210, SH100, WB210

Other Information:




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Samsung BP85a, EA-BP85a, EA-BP85a/E Battery Information

Please Note: The Specification of our replacement Samsung BP85a, EA-BP85a, EA-BP85a/E Digital Camera Batteries will often vary slightly from the original battery. The voltage of our batteries may be 0.1v higher or lower than the original, (eg. 3.7v instead of 3.6v or visa versa).

This does not affect the performance of the battery and it is perfectly normal to have such a variation in spec. In actual fact the voltage delivered by a battery varies according to the state of charge so a fully charged battery pack has a slightly higher voltage than a battery which is almost out of charge.

The mAh or capacity of the battery may also vary widely and again may be higher or lower then the original. If for instance the original battery is 700mAh our replacement may be 800mAh and this again is perfectly suitable. Indeed camcorder batteries are often available in different capacities, as a rule of thumb, any significant increase in battery capacity will require the battery itself to be thicker as it will require more cells inside to generate the increased capacity. Therefore a higher capacity battery will protrude further from the body of the camcorder, if the battery fits inside a battery compartment on your camcorder check there is room inside for a thicker battery or check the instructions for compatible models.
A higher mAh = longer battery life.

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